We are hiring a RECEIVER!


If you know anyone in the Santa Cruz area who is down with heavy lifting, standing for 8 hours a day, data entry, hauling books around, and generally being great, please send them our way! The job pays $11.50/hr and consists of three or four 8-hour shifts a week: Monday, Thursday, and Friday, and possibly Wednesday. We’ll require more shifts leading up to the December holidays.

If you are interested, please stop by our store with a resume and references Monday through Friday, 10:30 to 4, through Friday, September 5th.

What We’re Reading Now

Lock In - John Scalzi
It’s the newest FBI agent’s first day on the job. Tension is running high in D.C. as a controversial bill passes, and the sides line up for protests and agitation for civil rights. And then someone gets murdered.
Also, the FBI agent is one of the most famous people in the world. And walks around in a robot body. Because his real body has been paralyzed since childhood. His and thousands of others around the globe. Also, the man at the scene of the crime probably didn’t do it, because he probably wasn’t the one controlling his body at the time. Welcome to the future. 

John Scalzi has been growing as one of my favorite authors. He writes hilarious, action-packed sci-fi sagas that read like the best kind action movies. But his stories are deceptively fun - behind his cool characters, thrilling scenes, and almost-guilty-pleasure-satisfying plots, is a deep thoughtfulness, with commentary or discussion on what it means to be human, and where our culture might be heading. LOCK IN shows a world that likely (hopefully) won’t happen, the result of a disastrous pandemic. But that doesn’t make it any less recognizable - both for threat, and for fun.

If I were a Netflix bot, generating a blurb: Looking for a fun, sci-fi action, that’s deeper than you think? You’re in luck!

- Jocelyn